• CLEANING SERVICES | Villa Joanna will be clean and fully serviced upon your arrival. This includes toilet paper, clean sheets and wash towels.
  • FREE BEACH TOWELS | Beach towels are provided for free to give you extra luggage space.
  • LOCAL PRODUCT FOOD HAMPERS | A welcome  pack is included in the price of your stay. It includes Local Corfu Beer, 2 bottles of water, fresh fruit,  bread, butter and jam, 6 eggs,  coffee, sugar and tea.
  • ORGANIC TEA RANGE  | We provide you with a range of organic teas for your pleasure at no extra charge
  • SATYANANDA YOGA | You can book your yoga class during your holiday time. Upon request you will be able to get  a private Satyananda yoga class at Joanna Villa. Satyananda Yoga is a traditional system of Yoga which can be dynamic or less dynamic according to the level and the needs of the students. Satyananda yoga is a unique experience which combines yoga poses, special breathing techniques and deep relaxation. Each class lasts 1 and a half hour.
  • MEDITATION | You can ask for some meditation classes at Joanna Villa. During a meditation class you will be able to get into a meditation state of mind where you can enjoy the silent and the peace of mind and soul.
  • HOLISTIC MASSAGE | We offer you if you request it holistic rejuvenating massage, using special essentials oils to relax your body.  Through special massage movements our special massage therapist at Villa Joanna will move the stress and the tension from your body and mind. Duration of treatment 1 hour.
  • THAI MASSAGE | You can book a Thai massage session at Joanna Villa. This special massage is a very dynamic massage technique which uses pressure and yoga stretching movements to release the tension from the body. Duration of treatment 1 and half hour.

Satyananda Yoga, meditation, holistic massage and thai massage
are provided throught our cooperation with Corfu Yoga.

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